Continuous Localization through Memsource Translation Connector for Git

Memsource allows for manual or automated localization of content located in Online Repositories or CMSs. In addition to the standard options, Git connectors provide some additional features which allow for even more effective continuous localization.
For more information, please visit our dedicated Connectors and Automated Project Creation sections.

Last Commit Changes

Git connectors allow users to distinguish files that have been updated or added in the last commit. This allows Project Managers to easily identify content that has been changed and directly select these files for translation.

This option is also automatically applied to rules set up for Automated Project Creation.

Monitoring of Subfolders and Specific Files

The Automated Project Creation feature and Git connectors allow you to monitor not only entire folders where new content can be uploaded but also subfolders within the remote folder and specific files.
By using this setup, organizations can maintain a specific structure of folders and documents and let Memsource monitor the subfolders and files that should be considered localizable. This option also eliminates accidental imports of documents that are not really intended for translation but still need to be contained in the same folder as translatable content (e.g. Readme files).