Translating PDFs in Memsource

There are three different ways to import PDF files for translation in Memsource: as plain text, through integration with TransPDF, or as a scanned PDF. This article will go through each of these methods below.

Plain Text

If the PDF filter is set to Default, a file can only be used for analysis purposes. If you translate such imported PDF files in Memsource and then export them as Completed, you will get an unformatted TXT file, containing merely the plain text imported from the PDF.

In order to help prevent this, the following warning is displayed when you attempt to open a job created from these PDF files in Memsource Editor:

Integration with TransPDF

Memsource allows the import of PDF files for translating purposes through our integration with TransPDF. This feature requires you to first create an account with TransPDF. To create an account, please go to TransPDF and follow the instructions given there.

Note: The use of TransPDF is free unless you want to download a final PDF of your translation. 

Final PDFs are charged on a per-page basis using pre-paid credits. Users are given some free credits when they sign up. However, after using them, you need to buy credits on your TransPDF account page to be able to download the Completed File—the final PDF. The standard price per page is EUR 0.50. However, TransPDF offers substantial discounts for larger purchases of credits—if you purchase 1,000 credits and above, the price drops to 15¢ per page.

There is also a 1-credit charge to generate an XLIFF from a PDF. This is refunded when the XLIFF is downloaded as a final PDF—the fee for one page of every PDF imported is deducted from the final cost. When importing one or more PDFs, you need to make sure that you have enough credit to cover this 1-credit charge for each of the files.  

After you have created your account with TransPDF, go to Setup in your Memsource account and under the Integrations section, click on TransPDF. Enter your TransPDF Username and Password and click on Save.

Before clicking Create on the New Jobs page, scroll down to the PDF section under File Import Settings and change the Filter to TransPDF. The PDF files can now be opened and translated in both the Web and Desktop Editors.

Note: Free previews (by going to Document and then Preview Translation) from both Memsource Editor give watermarked PDF files with a list detailing any formatting problems and other issues which can be dealt with by following the instructions given there.

The completed file downloaded from your Memsource account is the final PDF. It is subject to payment and, therefore, we recommend previewing the completed file before actually downloading it.

TransPDF limits the number of documents in each account to 50. If you have used up that limit, log in to your TransPDF account and delete the files you no longer need.

Scanned PDFs

The TransPDF service also processes scanned PDFs via OCR. If you import any scanned PDF (with the TransPDF filter selected in File Import Settings), it is OCR-processed during the import, and you may proceed to the translation of your documents immediately upon import.

TransPDF requires up-front payment for OCR processing. However, there are no additional charges for downloading the final PDF once you have completed your translation.

TransPDF processes scanned PDFs via OCR if the PDF contains scanned texts only. Otherwise, only the proper PDF texts contained in such documents will be imported.

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