Admin Setup

Custom Domain and HTTPS for

Users with Ultimate and Enterprise editions can use their own domain name—for example, instead of the default address.
Users can also use the more secure HTTPS protocol (recommended) instead of HTTP. To do this, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Purchase your domain name (

Step 2: Create a CNAME DNS record for pointing to (Check, for example, to make sure the settings are correct. The change usually takes approximately 24 hours.)

Step 3: Purchase an SSL certificate for your domain. HTTPS is provided using Server Name Indication (SNI). SNI supports these browsers. Please note, that you should generate your own Certificate Signing Request (CSR) when purchasing the SSL certificate.

Step 4: Send us the domain name you want to use and the files with your SSL Certificates and private keys, so we can install it on our server (files can have the extensions .cer, .key or .pem).