Academic Edition

How to Get the Academic Edition

The Memsource Academic edition is the Memsource-sponsored edition offered to academic institutions with translation programs. It can only be used for student training and not for commercial purposes.

The person setting up the Academic edition must be a teacher or another official representative of the academic institution where the translation program takes place.

Setting up the Academic Edition

Step 1: Create a free Memsource trial.

Step 2: Publish an acknowledgment that you have been granted free access to Memsource in your translation courses. Please follow the acknowledgment instructions in this PDF.

Step 3: Contact Katerina Navratilova to convert your trial into a regular academic subscription. Provide her with a link to the acknowledgment and your Vendor token. (To find your Vendor token, log in into your account and click on Setup.)

Step 4: The Academic edition is active for 12 months but can be extended upon request free of charge.


We also have additional information on Getting Started for Academic edition users.

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