Account Management

How do I add Another User or Change my Subscription?

If you want to add another Project Manager to your account or upgrade to a higher edition, you do not need to contact the Support Team. Just click on the Setup icon at the top right corner by your username. Under Subscription, click on Details. This will take you to Your Subscription where you will see a breakdown of your current subscription as well as the expiration date and options to change any of these details.

Upgrade Edition

To upgrade your edition, click on the Upgrade Edition button on this page. This will give you a list of the editions you can upgrade to. Click on Buy Now and fill in details on each of the screens as you navigate through them.

Please note the price of the upgrade is calculated for the remaining period of your subscription.

Extend Subscription

Click on the Extend Subscription button. This option will automatically use the same conditions you are already using, but you can still adjust some of the options if you wish (e.g., the subscription period, storage, and the number of PMs). 

Add Users

Click on Add Users. You will receive a breakdown of the current number of users in your account as well as the option to choose how many new PMs you wish to add.

Please note that the price is calculated until the end of your current subscription.

Downgrade Edition

Downgrading your edition can only be done manually by a member of the Support Team. In order to do this, please contact us via the Help Form or Help Widget. Downgrading is possible only at the end of your current subscription.

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