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Joining and Splitting Segments

Joining Segments

To join segments in Memsource Editor, just click on a segment, and then click the Join button. The segment below will be joined to the segment in which you have your cursor. The blue "j" tag will appear, signaling the segments are joined. You need to keep this tag in the target segments as well as in the source.
Please note that the "j" tag in the target should be inserted into the same position as it is inserted in the source when the segments are joined. This tag effectively marks where the segments were joined. If placed incorrectly, it can break the formatting of the document or the document itself. 


For example, if you have two lines separated by a "soft enter" (by pressing Shift+Enter) in a Word document, it would look like this:
first line
second line

And you move the {j} to the end of the segment like this:   or you delete the {j} tag from the target, the translated file will then be:
first line second line
(second line empty)

Splitting Segments

To split a segment, position your cursor in the source section at the spot where you want the segment to be split. Then click the Split button.


Joining and splitting segments can be limited in some situation:

  • The Linguist doesn't have the right to edit the source (Project manager can change it in the Project's settings > Access and Security > Allow Linguists to edit the source )
  • The segment is part of the Plural form and therefore cannot be split or joined.

In these cases, a warning message will be displayed if the user tries to join or split some segments.

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