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Desktop Editor Tips and Tricks

Here you will find some tips and FAQs specific to the Memsource Editor for desktop use. For more general tips that work with both the web and desktop editors, please see our general tips article.

  • Downloading Desktop Editor
    You can download it for free on our website. See our Installation instructions for help getting started.
  • Your Editor version can be found by going to Help and clicking on About.
  • Selecting a Section of a Text in TM search
    After getting search results from a translation memory (this is sometimes called a concordance search), click on a TM result. You will see that the target text of the TM search result is also displayed at the bottom and can be selected and copied.

  • Backups of MXLIFF Files
    When working with MXLIFF files, Memsource keeps a backup copy of the last operable version of the file in a .memsource folder.
    If you are a Windows user, this folder can be found under c:\Users\Yourname\ 
    Go to "translations" inside this folder, then find the folder named exactly the same as the MXLIFF file in question.
    Inside, there will be a "journal" subfolder, and in it, a file called "snapshot". Rename this to "anything.mxliff" and open in the Memsource Editor.
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