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Preventing Linguists from Editing Sources

Project Managers and Administrators can prevent Linguists and other Vendors from editing the source either in the Editor or via our UI or API. The option Linguists may edit source (selected by default) is located in the Access and Security section in the project as well as in the global settings. If the option is deselected, Linguists are no longer allowed to:

  • Edit the source language in the Editor. When pressing F2, the message "Source edits disabled by project owner." will be displayed.
  • Upload bilingual MXLIFF or DOCX files. This includes any source modification in the Memsource UI, API, or Editor. When attempting to do so, the message "Source edits prohibited by project owner. Upload failed." will be shown.
  • Joining and splitting segments also count as source modification that will be prohibited.
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