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Memsource Reports

Team, Ultimate and Enterprise editions include Reports that can be generated for Jobs, Analyses, and Quotes that were previously created your account. They can be found in  Setup by clicking on Reports in the Analytics & Reporting section. This article contains examples of creating reports as well as examples of uses of these reports.

Note: Reports are limited to the first 10,000 entries.

Job Reports

Job Reports contain data from all previously imported jobs. To create more specific reports, the settings can be narrowed down to provide any desired information available. 

  • Creation and Completion allow users to narrow down time periods for jobs or projects.
  • Project due date and Job Completion can both specify whether or not the jobs were delivered within their respective deadlines. In addition, using the filter for projects that have a specific deadline ensures that all the information is gathered in one place (e.g. as a summary for invoicing).
  • Languages and Linguists - In cases of multilingual projects and collaborative assignments, these fields will create reports for only specific language combinations or assigned Linguists (for example, to export data regarding a specific Linguist for PO purposes).
  • Job, Project Status, and Workflow - These fields specify the stages (Workflow steps) and their completion statuses.


Analysis Reports

All previously created Analyses can be joined in an Analysis Report to provide condensed data in one exported view. As with Job Analyses, various options are available to help you narrow down specific information.

  • Creation, Completion and Due date periods - These fields allow for time period specifications in order to provide information contained in analyses generated at specific times or for entire projects.
  • Languages and Linguists - In case of multilingual or collaborative assignments, different reports can be generated to display only specific language combinations or the work done by a specific Linguist.
  • Type - There are 3 types of analyses that can be used for different purposes. This option allows users to narrow down or exclude certain types of analysis (e.g. Compare).


Quote Reports

Quote Reports can be used to merge together all previously created Quotes. The report can be downloaded or the settings can be saved and used later.


  • Only the first 10,000 records will be included in a report.
  • Some editions of Memsource (except Ultimate and Enterprise) can only generate Quotes via the Automation Widget.

Specific options can be chosen to narrow down the Quote selection.

Select these fields to narrow down the selection:

  • Quote creation
  • Project creation
  • Project completion
  • Project due date
  • Source Languages
  • Target Languages
  • Workflow

Include project metadata

  • Business Unit
  • Client
  • Cost Center
  • Domain
  • Subdomain
  • PO Number

Select Currency

Download the file (as CSV format)

Add a name and save the report