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Shared Project and Shared Job Email Notifications

Shared Jobs and Shared Projects allow cooperation between several different Vendors on one project and allow Vendors to forward jobs to one another. Say, for example, a Buyer shares their project with Vendor1 who then shares some of those jobs with Vendor2. How do email notifications work in these cases?

Shared Project

For Shared Projects, the important thing to note is that the generated email communication is always sent only between the two directly connected parties. So in our case, the notifications would only be sent between the Buyer and Vendor1, and then between Vendor1 and Vendor2. Emails will never be sent between the Buyer and Vendor2. Below, you'll find the steps for how this works.
Email notifications for a Shared Project:

  1. The Buyer shares the project. Vendor1 gets a "Shared Project" email.
  2. Vendor1 accepts the project. The Buyer will then get a "Project status changed" email.
  3. Vendor1 assigns/emails a job to Vendor2. Vendor2 will get a "New Work" email.
  4. Vendor2 accepts the job. Vendor1 then gets a "Job accepted" email.
  5. Vendor2 sets the job to Completed. Vendor1 will get a "Job completed" email.
  6. Vendor1 sets the project to Completed. The Buyer gets a "Project status changed" email.

Shared Jobs

The situation is different for Shared Jobs than it is for Shared Projects. In Shared Jobs, all parties will get a notification about every Accepted or Completed job changes.

So, in our example, the Buyer shares a job with Vendor1, and Vendor1 then shares that job with Vendor2. Please note that the job has to be not only Assigned, it must also be emailed (by selecting the job, clicking on Tools and selecting Email...). 

Email notification for Shared Jobs:

  1. The Buyer shares a job with Vendor1. Vendor1 gets a "New work" email from the Buyer.
  2. If Vendor1 accepts the job, the Buyer gets a "Job Accepted" email from Vendor1.
  3. Vendor1 then shares the job with Vendor2. Vendor2 gets a "New Work" email from Vendor1.
  4. Vendor2 Accepts the job. Vendor1 gets a "Job Accepted" email from Vendor2 and the Buyer gets a "Job Accepted" email from Vendor1.
  5. Vendor2 Completes the job. Vendor1 gets a "Job Completed" email from Vendor2 and the Buyer gets a "Job Completed" email from Vendor1.

Note that Step 2 can be skipped—Vendor1 can share the job with Vendor2 without accepting it first. If this happens, the Buyer would receive only 1 "Job Accepted" email—after Vendor2 accepted it.

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