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To Users Who Would Prefer a Server Version of Memsource

Some users, or potential users, might like the functionalities of Memsource but are looking for software to organize and maintain their translation memories, term bases, and other resources while storing the data locally. (That is, they are looking for software that can be installed on their own servers instead of using a third-party host.) In the past, Memsource was available in a Server version. However, we no longer offer this. Below, you'll find some information regarding why we've made this change.

Using Memsource does not mean that your data will be unsecured, floating out on the Internet. On the contrary, using Memsource is a step forward in protecting your translation data.

In Memsource, we encrypt your data, centralize it, and only provide access to your authorized personnel through the use of a personal username and password. Your data remains completely private and is stored in our high-security data center, which easily exceeds the security of storing data in one's office. Read our Security Statement to learn more.

In addition to the security concerns, maintaining a Memsource Server (or any server technology) would incur additional costs that may not be obvious at first sight. To clearly show this, we have summarized these costs below. Please note that these costs would be on top of the Memsource Server license fee.


Cloud: None

Server: The Memsource environment would have to be installed by the customer. The installation would be relatively easy for a professional systems administrator, but a regular PC user would likely not have the required skills to install Memsource Server.

Estimated cost for installation: EUR 300 (one-time)

Hardware Rental or Purchase and Maintenance

Cloud: Included

Server: The customer would have to rent or purchase server hardware. The customer would also have to make sure that the hardware is properly maintained and upgraded when needed. When a hardware component becomes faulty, the customer or the hardware provider would need to ensure that it is replaced.

Estimated cost for server rental: EUR 200 (monthly)

System Internet Access

Cloud: Included

Server: The customer would need to purchase internet access for Memsource Server. The internet access should be symmetric (so ADSL would not be suitable) and a backup internet source would ideally also be in place.

Estimated cost for internet access: EUR 100 (monthly)


Cloud: Included

Server: The customer would be responsible for backing up all data on their Memsource Server system.

Estimated cost for introducing, maintaining, and regular testing of the backup process: EUR 100 (monthly)

System Redundancy

Cloud: Included

Server: It would be up to the customer to implement a redundant operation of the Memsource system. As this is a non-trivial task, some customers would likely avoid it. This means that if one of the customer's hardware or software components were to fail, the Memsource system would cease to operate until the problem was fixed (e.g. until a faulty hard disk gets replaced). However, the way Memsource is currently set up, a hardware or software failure will typically not result in the interruption of the Memsource service as its architecture is redundant by design.

Estimated cost: EUR 5,000 (one-time setup) + rental of redundant server hardware: EUR 200 (monthly)

System Monitoring

Cloud: 24/7

Server: It would be the customer's responsibility to monitor the availability of their Memsource Server system. Typically, a special system-monitoring software needs to be deployed that will monitor the operation of the critical Memsource system services (file converter, translation memory, term base, front end). Should one of these services become unavailable, the customer's system administrator would need to be alerted in order to take appropriate action.

Estimated cost for 24/7 monitoring: EUR 500 (monthly for software and staff)

System Maintenance and Upgrades

Cloud: Included

Server: It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain any software that is installed on their hardware. This typically includes: an operating system, database, antivirus, firewall, Memsource Server software, and any additional software that is required. All of these components require some maintenance and upgrades from time to time. Only professional systems administrators would be qualified to do this.

Estimated cost: EUR 100 (monthly)

Availability of New Features

Cloud: Immediate

Server: New features would be typically available after a 6-month delay. This is due to the different release cycles of Memsource Server and Memsource. Memsource is upgraded approximately once a week with a minor release, and once a month with a major release. New releases for Memsource Server, in contrast, would be available approximately every six months in order to not burden customers' system administrators with the need to constantly upgrade Memsource Server software. This means that Memsource Server users would get the latest features much later than other Memsource users.

Estimated cost: N/A

User Support

Cloud: Fast and efficient

Server: It would be much more difficult to support Memsource Server customers. This is because the Memsource support staff would not have access to customers' Memsource Server logs and other system information that is otherwise only available for Memsource users. The customer would first need to identify the relevant logs and other system information to document the issue, and only then would Memsource support staff be able to take action. This would inevitably lead to longer response times for Memsource Server customers.

Estimated cost: N/A


Cloud: Included

Server: It would be the responsibility of the customer to get certified by a certification authority in order to be able to encrypt all communication between Memsource Server users.

Estimated cost: EUR 30 (monthly)

Server Cost Summary (excluding Memsource subscription fees)


EUR 5,300 (USD 6,800)


EUR 1,230 (USD 1,580)

Total Cost After 1 Year:
EUR 20,060 (USD 25,900)

Total Cost in 5 Years:
EUR 79,100 (USD 102,000)


One could argue that some customers may not require all of these options, except for the ones that are absolutely necessary. However, even when setting up the bare minimum (server rental, data backup, basic maintenance), the actual costs will easily be hundreds of euros/dollars per month, making Memsource Server much less practical.