Automated Project Creation

Available for:

  • Project managers
  • Team editions and higher

Automated Project Creation rules allow users to configure the way in which Memsource monitors specific folders and creates new projects whenever new content is detected in them. 

Set Up Automation Rules


Follow these steps:

  1. From the Setup ( ) page, click Automated Project Creation.
    The Automated Project Creation page opens.
  2. Click on New.
    The Create Automated Project Settings page opens.
  3. Select the source and target languages that automatically created projects will be associated with.
  4. Choose the Remote Folder to monitor for new or updated content.
    The contents of the folder is listed in the main window.
  5. Select specific files to be monitored.
    Options available on some connectors. See the Use Cases section of the specific connector documentation:
    • If none selected, the entire folder is monitored for a change or new files.
    • Include subfolders to enable the monitoring of the selected folder and its subfolders. 
  6. Depending on the pathname of the required target files, set Export completed files to and Target Subfolder Path fields. See Setting Target Files Pathname for more information.
  7. Designate a Processed subfolder.
    Files imported to Memsource will be moved to this folder providing visibility on which files are being processed. If disabled, source files stay in their original folder.
    If this option is disabled and File Renaming is not used, original documents can be overwritten by their translations (depending on repository).
  8. Set a frequency for how often Memsource should check for new content in the designated folder.
  9. Choose required Service.
  10. To differentiate between projects coming from different automation rules, use a Default Project Name to define the automatically-generated names of projects. It is possible to use macro {filename} in the Project's title. If multiple filenames are used in the project's name, only the first filename will be used.
  11. Set Default Project Owner.
    Default Project Owner will always be notified when a new project is created using automation rules.
  12. Customize Email Templates used for notifications if required.

Using Automated Project Creation

With the automation rules set, content can now be created in the designated folders. Based on frequency checks, Memsource looks into the specified folder and identifies new or updated content (based on file names, metadata, size, etc.).

Automatic Creation of New Projects from Online Repositories

On the Automated Project Creation page, Memsource displays currently available rules, connection status and the "last checked" and "next check" dates and times.

If new content is identified, new projects will be created with either default settings or settings taken from the selected project template. This provides full process automation; analysis, pre-translation, assignment to Linguists/Vendors, and the e-mailing of notifications.

ZIP file support:

  • Multiple ZIP files can be imported to one project.
  • Translated files are exported back to ZIP files.
  • If one ZIP file is imported to multiple targets, the translated files will be exported to multiple ZIP files—one ZIP for each target language—using the target locale code in the ZIP name (for example Pack18.en_us.ZIP).

Automatic Export of Completed Files Back to Online Repositories

As soon as the project status changes to Completed either manually or by Project Status Automation rules, translated files are sent back to the Online Repository into newly created subfolders identified by language codes (for example, 'en' for English).

Disabling Automated Project Creation

APC can be disabled in 3 ways:

  • Manually in the APC settings
  • Automatically after 90 days of inactivity
  • Automatically after the organization account has been deactivated (at the end of the subscription).

When a connector used as part of the Automated Project Creation rules detects three or more consecutive instances of a project not being created when it should be, notification is sent to affected Memsource users.

Setting Target Files Pathname

Relative to the source file the target files can be exported to:

Same folder Language subfolder Any folder

If specific files are selected, then select Source file folder for Export completed files to and keep the Target Subfolder Path empty.

Not supported if the entire folder is monitored.