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The Imported File Contains Fields—Warnings for Word Documents

Some Word documents can contain Microsoft fields. Examples of Microsoft fields include the Table of Contents, hyperlinks, citations, or embedded objects (see the article on embedded objects warnings for more information). Some of these fields cannot be imported for translation and therefore a warning is displayed by Memsource:

If this warning is displayed, the Project Manager should open the document in Microsoft Word, check the fields, and decide if they should be imported for translation or if they can be updated by Microsoft later in the translated document.

Usually, this message is displayed when a translated document is opened in Word:


By clicking Yes, most of the fields are automatically updated to reflect the translated text.

The most common fields are:

  • Table of Contents: This will not be imported for translation. Instead, it has to be updated in Word in the translated file directly in the Table of content, using the Update Table menu.
  • Index Entries: These should be imported using the Import index entries option in File Import Settings. This is set by default and will automatically be updated once the translated file is opened in Word.
  • Cross-reference: Cross-references also will not be imported to Memsource but will be updated automatically once the translated file is opened in Word.

To search for fields in your document, go to the beginning of your original document and press the F11 key. This causes Word to jump to the next field in the document. You can switch between field code and field text by pressing Alt+F9. Generally, most fields are generated by Word and don't need to be translated, but in some cases a field might need to be converted into normal “translatable” text. You can do this by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F9 in order to import and translate them in Memsource.

Please note: The warning will not be displayed for:

  • Hyperlinks: The tooltip will be automatically imported for translation. The target URL can be imported when the option Import hyperlink target in File Import Settings is used.
  • Page numbers are not imported and will be automatically updated by MS Word.
  • Footnotes
  • Comments
  • Text boxes
  • Bookmarks
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Symbols
  • Equations 
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