Save Segments to a Translation Memory

Segments can be saved to a translation memory in several ways, depending on the type of user and the user's permission settings. Below, we'll go over how to save these segments for both Linguist users and Project Managers.

Important: In some special cases, segments are not saved to the translation memory:

  • When working offline in the Memsource Editor for your desktop.
  • When pre-translating a job with the Set segment status to confirmed for... box checked.
  • While importing an XLIFF file as a new job with the Set segment confirmed when... box checked.

Linguists and Vendors

Note: Linguists and Vendors can save segments to a translation memory only if that TM has been assigned to a project as "writable". (The Project Manager will have to check the Write checkbox to do this. If it's not checked, the Linguist or Vendor will not be able to save any segments into TM.)

  1. The first way that a Linguist or Vendor can add segments into a TM is by confirming the segments in the Memsource Editor during the translation process. The Editor must be online, and the Linguist must be signed in for the TM to be updated.
  2. The second way is to upload a translated bilingual file to a project via the desktop editor. Do this by going to Menu and clicking on Upload to Server. Additionally, a Linguist can also use the Linguist Portal by selecting the job, clicking Tools in the Jobs section, and then clicking Upload....

Project Managers

  1. Project Managers can upload a bilingual file to a project by first going to the job's page. Click on Tools and select Upload... (Please note: In order for this to work, the TM assigned to the project must be "writable". )
  2. You can also import a standard XLIFF file as a new job. Under the File Import Settings, check the Save confirmed segments to TM on import box. This will ensure that all segments that get imported to Memsource as confirmed will be saved as long as the TM is in the Write mode.
  3. It is also possible to import the bilingual MXLIFF directly to the translation memory.

Translation Unit Metadata

The segments are saved into translation memory as translation units with specific attributes. Please see our Translation Unit Metadata article for more details.

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