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Memsource Editor does not save a file

RJ Hänninen Jun 14, 2017 01:53PM CEST

Why does Memsource Editor (version 6.202.4, installed on Windows 10) fail to save my work at random times?

I try to hit Ctrl-S and select "Save" from the menu fairly regularly, but I have noticed that if I exit Memsource Editor and/or switch to another project without closing Editor, occasionally the most recent translation disappears, apparently because I exited the program/switched projects before Editor saved the work automatically. The problem occurs while Editor is online, and affects at least draft segments and possibly even confirmed segments. (Editor does not prompt me to save the work when exiting/changing projects, either.)

This is especially frustrating if I lose large chunks of text - recently I had to re-type half of a (thankfully short) translation because the Editor had not saved the work, and I hadn't thought to make a bilingual export of it, either (which would at least have preserved my previous draft, even if creating an export does not mean that the actual translation file is saved). In addition, the only way to tell when the file was last saved is to navigate to the actual file in Windows' File manager and check the timestamp there.

Do you have suggestions on how I can stop losing my work (since apparently saving manually early and often - or even confirming very raw draft segments - does not help)?

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Pavel Krivda Jun 14, 2017 02:06PM CEST Memsource Help Center Agent


Saving in the desktop editor is made by Save or by Confirming a segment in the desktop editor. Further, changes are also saved automatically (backup) in the desktop editor – in fact, it is not possible to close the editor without changes being saved. I have tested now on version 6.202.4 installed on Windows 10 and it works like that.

Could you please send us the video recording of the issue and the mxliff file on which it happens to support@memsource.com?

Thanks and sorry for the troubles

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RJ Hänninen Jun 14, 2017 03:17PM CEST

I don't think I can send a mxliff file due to NDAs (customer file and free Editor, so I'm not sure if I could make a test file either), and since this seems to occur at random, I'm not sure how to reproduce the problem so that I could send you a video - I haven't yet noticed what might trigger this issue. The source files were .doc and .docx files, no unusual formatting.

I do realise that this makes troubleshooting much more difficult due to lack of data!

If this happens again, I'll see what I can do about sending you a file for dissection and/or a video, and in the meanwhile, I guess I'll just have to try to pay attention to timestamps in the File Manager before closing Memsource, and hope that you keep looking into the issue.
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RJ Hänninen Jun 14, 2017 03:38PM CEST
I just tested the automatic save while switching projects with a file that had the problem earlier, and this time it worked normally based on the File Manager timestamp - despite failing to save 2 segments earlier today.

So I would say that whatever the problem is, it's unlikely to be due to the mxliff itself. I think I had the bilingual export file still open when the problem with saving occurred, so that might be one possible trigger for the problem, I don't know. (I have to use the bilingual export if I want to track the draft translation progress, because Memsource does not have this functionality.)
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RJ Hänninen Jun 19, 2017 09:44AM CEST
The problem has occurred again - unfortunately, this is a customer file so I can't send video, but after selecting File-Save from the menu, the timestamp of the file does not change, even after editing the file or closing Memsource (which should trigger autosave, but clearly does not).

While the error persists, Memsource is still capable of creating a bilingual export (etc.) with the edited segments included, despite the fact that they are not saved in the actual mxliff file. Confirmed segments are also successfully saved in the TM, but do not show up in the mxliff.

The problem occurred after Memsource has been open for a while and Windows has been put to hibernation and "woken up" in between, and the last time the file was successfully saved was before hibernation.

I suspect that hibernation is what triggers the error, because the presence of other programs or taking an export doesn't cause it.

It does not seem to occur every time after hibernation, but I did have the same instance of Memsource Editor running for at least 12 hours but likely longer, with the computer in hibernation more than once and switching between projects at least once (because closing Memsource resets the CAT/Search/QA/etc. window layout and it's annoying to have to set up the Editor window layout all over again every time you start the program).
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Pavel Krivda Jun 19, 2017 10:47AM CEST Memsource Help Center Agent


Thanks for the issue update. We will try to reproduce it and get back to you.

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