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Last Updated: Aug 29, 2017 11:08AM CEST
Terminology can help to keep your translation consistent and making sure you and/or your translators use the correct terms.

Once you have created your Term Base, there are three ways how to add terms to it:
  1. Import term base from other translation tools (in TBX format) or from MS Excel or TBX.XML from SDL Trados 2014. Limit for uploaded file is 1GB.
  2. Add new terms from within Memsource Cloud.
  3. Add new terms directly from within Memsource Editor when translating project with Term Base assigned - this apply to Linguists as well.
The added terms are instantly available to all users connected to the same term base. Please note that limit for one term is 1000 characters.

Term Base in project

There can be up to 10 Term Bases assigned to the project. The direction (Source <-> Target) is not relevant for assigning the TB and can be swapped according to your needs (even for writable TB).
Linguist then can access the Term Base via Memsource Editor in CAT pane or in Search pane and also in their Linguist Portal.

Term Status

Terms can have status ‘New’ or ‘Approved’:New term in Web editor
  • Terms added by Linguists have the ‘New’ status by default.
  • Terms created by Project Managers, Guests or Terminologists (Linguists with special terminology user rights) have status ‘Approved’.
  • Linguists may only edit terms with the ‘New’ status, including those created by other Linguist users.
  • Project Managers, Guests or Terminologists may edit any term and can set the term status, e.g. from ‘New’ to ‘Approved’.

Term's optional Attributesterm's attributes

Term can also have following attributes:
  • Forbidden
  • Case sensitive
  • Fuzzy or Exact match
  • Usage (Only target Usage is displayed in Editor)
  • Note (Only target Note is displayed in Editor)

Term Base Management and Workflow Approval

Terms can be searched, filtered, edited, imported or exported in Memsource Cloud Term Base section.
  • New terms (not Approved) are displayed in grey.
  • Forbidden terms are displayed in red.
  • Terms can be filtered by status. New terms can be displayed and edited/approved as needed.
  • Terms can also be exported in bulk to MS Excel, edited there and then imported back to Memsource Cloud as an update.

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